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Using a Flex Canvas Container As a ToolTip in Flex

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The ToolTip control allows you to provide additional helpful information about your interface. When a user moves the mouse over a graphical component like a Button control, you can use the ToolTip control to pop up a text with additional information about the Button functionality.

ToolTips are a very useful way of guiding users through your application.

Most of the times the normal ToolTip might do the job but there are scenarios in which you would want to add more info to your ToolTip controls. In these cases using another Flex control instead of the ToolTip control might prove very useful.

In this example I am using the Canvas mx control as a custom ToolTip. By using a Canvas as a custom ToolTip I am able to make any visual changes to the Canvas, like adding a border around it, making it transparent and setting a corner radius on it.

Custom Canvas as ToolTip in Flex

Custom Canvas as ToolTip in Flex

You can view the working example at the end of this page.
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Written by Popa Mihai

December 6th, 2010 at 4:43 pm